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La Bartavelle

YOU MAY LIKE : Signature Cuisine, French Cuisine
PRICE : 36 to 50 € 
OPENING HOURS : Tuesday to Saturday, 19.30 – 22.00 et lunch only on Wednesday and Saturday.
GETTING THERE : 24, rue de la République – Argelès-sur-Mer (66700) 
TEL : +33 6 19 25 70 13


Located in the narrow street of Rue de la République, La Bartavelle would hold in a pocket handkerchief. But beware: culinary emotions are guaranteed!


There we taste a creative cuisine, punctuated by the seasons and local products. Traditional recipes are revisited and always surprise by their great accuracy of flavors and textures. We love the gourmet gaiety of the plate that knows how to appetite and engage our taste buds. At noon, the proposals are simpler but nevertheless succulent; the big game is the evening.


Chef Thibaut Lesage, from Picardy, and his wife Stephanie, delight  taste buds and revisit French classics with constant inspiration. Their philosophy is unchanged since their opening in 2011: priority to fresh products!

Enjoy every bite, as the chef never makes the same recipes twice. A large chalkboard allows customers to write a word in chalk, like an ephemeral guestbook.


Attention : The room is tiny and the reservation essential.

Anchois Desclaux

YOU MAY LIKE : Fishes & seafood
PRICE : Less than 15 €
OPENING HOURS : Open all year. Every day from 9.00 to 19.00 Delivery possible
GETTING THERE : 3, route Nationale – Collioure (66190)
TEL. : +33 4 68 95 95 25


Collioure is famous for its anchovy specialty since the Middle Ages. Since 1903, the house Desclaux transmits from father to son his craftsmanship. The anchovies are salted manually, then cleaned and placed in a crown in brine barrels to obtain an incomparable aroma and taste.


In the pretty shop, there are anchovies, all kinds of tinned, and especially semi-fresh anchovies with various seasonings: the traditional ones with garlic, parsley, and red peppers, those with capers and shallot …


The production workshops can not be visited, but in the old workshop kept adjacent to the store, a worker remakes the traditional gestures for you. Then comes the moment of the tasting: taste all the preparations without hesitation, they are just delicious! La Maison Desclaux has just opened a superb delicatessen in the center of Collioure, where you will find of course the inimitable anchovies but also local wines and other delicacies for the palate.


Inimitable flavors to enjoy in one of the most charming places in the world.

Pâtisserie Touron

YOU MAY LIKE : Pastry, Confectionery
PRICE : Less than 15 € 
OPENING HOURS : Tuesday to Saturday, 7.30 à 12h et de 16h à 19h. Le dimanche de 7h30 à 12h et de 16h à 19h. 
GETTING THERE : 6, placette Availl – Arles-sur-Tech (66150)
TEL : +33 4 68 39 10 47


There is rousquille and Rousquille, but here, it is ” THE Rousquille ” !


The customers come from far to taste the famous Rousquilles of this family whose ancestor initiated the recipe in 1850.


This bouncy biscuit, tender, delicately scented with lemon, coated with a nice white frosting is always made in the same way, by the children, who will transmit the secrets of the proportions to their descendants. Impossible to know more about this little extra that makes all the difference. But what a treat!


We have here a jewel of our gastronomy of the Catalan Country that the whole world envy us, sometimes copied but never equaled.


Thank you to family Touron for perpetuating this gourmet tradition.

La Table de Valmy

YOU MAY LIKE : Regional Cuisine, Oysters and Tapas
PRICE : 36 to 50 €
OPENING HOURS : From Thursday noon to Sunday noon from April to mid-June & from mid-September to the end of November. Open 7 days a week from June to September except Monday midday.
GETTING THERE : Chemin de Valmy – Argelès-sur-Mer (66700) 
TEL : +33 4 68 95 95 25


What a pleasure to sit on the terrace, in the shade of the parasols of the castle of Valmy. Let yourself be seduced by the magical beauty of the castle that overlooks the vineyards lined up towards the Mediterranean Sea which spreads its blue veil over the infinite. From the top of this house, the eyes are filled with timeless splendor. It is in this enchanting setting that you will find yourself on the large terrace or in the design room to taste the castle life at democratic prices.


On the plates, we find a fusion cuisine of Iberian inspiration. Everything is well prepared and nicely presented. No restaurant menu, but a proposal of 3 set menus that are renewed every week, so we can not quote dishes, but go with confidence.


For two years, the Valmy table offers a high-end tapas selection and oysters, which is a hit on summer evenings. This is the perfect opportunity to taste the wines of Valmy which are available as sweet, white, red and rosé wines and are sold at prices cellar.


A romantic address for a sweet getaway for two.

Le Clos de Paulilles

YOU MAY LIKE : Signature Cuisine, French Cuisine
PRICE : 36 to 50 €
GETTING THERE : Baie de Paulilles – Port-Vendres (66660) 
TEL : +33 4 68 81 49 79


We leave Port-Vendres, Banyuls steering, Spain … The winding road follows every bend of the mountain flanks. The shale … the sky … There, at its summit, we switch to another landscape, another dimension. It’s here, Baie de Paulilles. The site is breathtaking.


Family Cazes, great winemakers of the region, took the reins of this Domain for the delight of our senses. The restaurant has been conceived as a meeting place between the sea, the mountain and the vineyard. The chef offers fine cuisine and local specialties based on seasonal produce, from Catalan terroir and Mediterranean flavors.


Menus change daily according to the market opportunities and the inspiration of the day. The wine list offers a fine selection of wines from the Domain.

Menje e Caille

YOU MAY LIKE : Seafood and fish, Market cuisine & Terroir
PRICE : 36 to 50 € 
OPENING HOURS : April to October, everyday for lunch & diner.
GETTING THERE : 29, résidence Torre d’en Sorra – Argelès-sur-Mer (66700)
TEL : +33 4 68 81 41 23


A true institution at Le Racou that offers tasty cuisine and highlights the products of our region in a gourmet and unusual hut..


Fresh fish by weight, in carpaccio, tian of monkfish, sea bass, sea bream, squid, lobsters, and prawns of Rosas by the plancha compose tasty plates, which are mixed with vegetables or mashed vegetables with original spices …


The atmosphere is very nice with a vintage decor, and a terrace overlooking the unique street in Le Racou that borders the beach and fishermen’s houses. The people of Perpignan come to relax and mingle with holidaymakers who know the address and come back each summer.


In the end the note may seem “salty”, but we must not forget that this is only extra-fresh, you will find only small fishing fish.


As for drinks, the focus is on small winemakers who work well, and if possible in organic.

A place for delight.

Le Passage des Saveurs

YOU MAY LIKE: Market cuisine, Tapas & Terroir
PRICE: Less than 15 €  
OPENING HOURS: From midday to midnight, from May to September.
GETTING THERE: 13, boulevard de la Mer – Argelès-sur-Mer (66700)

With its fruit, winemakers, post office and world cuisines – Italian, Thai, Portuguese, Andalusian … and of course Catalan! – The Passage des Saveurs (formerly the Marché de la Mer), in Argelès-Plage, has become the greedy and convivial address of the resort, bringing together in a single space some simple happiness merchants who excel in the presentation and composition of flavors , colors and local products.


Between beautiful flower boxes and umbrellas, from one counter to another, all the accents of the Mediterranean are expressed. Some nights in the summer, between tapas and local characters, there are even orchestras that come to punctuate this place.


The originality of the place, away from the crowds and cars, but close to the beach, is also to offer the culinary planet within reach of mouth.

El Xadic del Mar

YOU MAY LIKE: Wine, Tapas, Cold plates & boards
PRICE: 16 à 35 € 
OPENING HOURS: From April to october, everyday from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 19.30 to 22.00. From October till the end of february, lunch time only from Wednesday to Sunday. Closed in March. 
GETTING THERE: 11, av. du Puig-del-Mas – Banyuls-sur-Mer (66650)
TEL: +33 4 68 88 89 20


What is a xadic?

It is the inseparable tool of the vinemaker here on the Côte Vermeille, the hoe that accompanies him on terraces cultivated to pull weeds. Alone in his one-room-kitchen to the glory of the god grape (large winegrower’s table, barrel for the aperitif, walls of bottles), Manu, the boss, is a little tourist office for the living wines of the region. This lover of life and great cuisine is also a connoisseur of local winemakers (he knows all the producers who are on his card) and he will always offer you very nice associations.


Duchêne, Castex, Tribouley, Jordi Perez, Laurence « Yoyo » Manya Krief… All the wines of the area are gathered to water a festive « terre-mer » menu : Proud paleta of pata negra bellota ; Rastafarian zucchini stuffed with skate wing & Madras curry ; beef carpaccio and sardines marinated in olive oil and ras el-hanout, Sicilian tomato, Pantelleria capers  ; carn de parol, grilled with anchovy fillets and potatoes in salad; before a rum baba and chilli peach salad.


Everything is so original, tasty, a little offbeat and very inventive. Every visit to Xadic del Mar is a surprise, as Manu regularly changes his map. The master of the place being alone in his kitchen or behind his counter, remember to book well in advance . it’s quickly full.

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