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Lac de la Raho

Our green lung at the gates of Perpignan

The lakes of la Raho are situated on the municipalities of Villeneuve-de-la-Raho, Bages, Montescot et Pollestres. Created in the 70’s for hydraulic reasons, these spaces are managed according to the principles of sustainable development.


They offer at the gates of Perpignan 50 hectares of quality green space and 230 hectares of water space, with remarkable landscape views.
The many outdoor activities that the site offers make it one of the most visited places in the department.
In spring, the site enchants visitors with its many flowering meadows.




  • Walk, jog, bicycle
  • Outdoor fitness areas
  • Fishing
  • French bowls
  • Rowing, canoë-kayak




  • Picnic areas
  • 1 large BBQ area with up to 7 fires
  • 6 Car parks around the lake
  • 5 Restaurants / Snacks (High season)
  • Floating wheelchair

Palais des rois de Majorque

A medieval Palace in a modern Citadel

Located in the heart of Perpignan, this medieval palace was for nearly a century the center of the ephemeral realm of Mallorca.


Completed after 1300 in the Gothic style, its construction reminds the status of Perpignan as economic, political and cultural center of the medieval Mediterranean.
From the 16th century, the French and Spanish engineers surround it with walls to transform it into a citadel. Nowadays, guided tours, concerts and cultural events take place in its garden and rooms.




  • Free or guided visit
  • Numerous events all year round

Château royal de Collioure

The summer residence of the catalan kings

Built at the beginning of the Middle Ages to protect the village of Collioure and its natural harbor, the castle first hosted its feudal lords before the Catalan kings made a stopover during their travels overseas. .

The fortress, which has been reworked many times, has seen the Franco-Spanish struggles for the frontier and, closer to us, the dark episodes of the twentieth century that saw its barracks serve as a prison.
Today, guided tours, concerts and cultural events take place in his courtyard and rooms.




  • Free or guided visit
  • Numerous events all year round


The time of cherries, and modern art

Céret in the shade of its centenary plane trees. A small town where modernity and tradition are intimately linked. Everything  there is Mediterranean: ancestral culture, tracing the lines of a generous civilization, nourished by sun, light and colors.


For almost 100 years Céret has been living the art of its time. The cubist stays, as from 1911, have attracted all the greatest artists of the 20th century : Picasso, Braque, Gris, Herbin, Masson, Soutine, Chagall…


Today thanks to its Museum of Modern Art, involved in contemporary creation, Céret continues his adventure with living art.


Passionate, Céret comes alive and vibrates to the rhythm of the festival: carnival, concerts, sardanas, festivals, feria, exhibitions … Céret also produces the first cherries of France, and of course the best.




  • Exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum
  • Local products tasting
  • Feria

Lac des Bouillouses

Fishing and hiking in high mountain

The natural heritage site of Lac des Bouillouses, at the foot of the Carlit mount, offre exceptional high mountain landscapes.

It is one of the largest lakes in the French Pyrenees and water is everywhere : bogs, ponds and rivers browse the site, home to a particulary rich flora and fauna. Its integration into the Natura 2000 network attests to its remarkable biodiversity on a European scale. This natural site has today become a reference for scientific observation.


The surroundings of the lake have been developed to discover this exceptional nature while preserving the species present. Thus, 60 km of maintained and marked trails allow to cross these different landscapes.




  • Hiking
  • Children’s orientation course
  • Fishing in ponds & streams
  • Climbing




  • Possibility to eat on site
  • Tourists information
  • Restrooms and services
  • Picnic areas

The cove of Paulilles

The cove of Paulilles, a gem of the Catalan coast

Located in the town of Port-Vendres in the direction of Banyuls-sur-Mer, encircled by the famous Banyuls-Collioure vineyard, the cove of Paulilles is one of the most beautiful from the Catalan rocky coast.

Housing the former Nobel factory, which manufactured dynamite from 1870 to 1984, the site was a place of work and life for five generations of workers.


Property of the “Conservatoire du Littoral” since 1998 and managed by the Department of Pyrénées-Orientales, this site is now a haven of peace for all visitors.


The 17 hectares redeveloped in 2008 offer walkers and nature lovers an exceptional stroll in the heart of a biodiversity that is characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.



  • Exhibition on the workers’ memory
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Boat workshop, maritime heritage
  • Animated and guided tours
  • Hiking




  • Snack, shop
  • Restrooms
  • Supervised swimming zone in the summer
  • 2 Floating wheelchairs

Cerbère Banyuls

The life aquatic

Nestled in the heart of the Vermeille coast, the Marine Nature Reserve is an exceptional place where the underwater relief reflects the mountainous relief of the coast, stretching on 6.5 km between Banyuls-sur-Mer and Cerbère.

Small paradise for swimmers and diving enthusiasts, this protected natural space is, since 1974, the first Natural Reserve strictly marine in France. Real open-air laboratory & study on the marine environment, the reserve is home to Posidonia meadows, grouper fish, red coral …


In this marine reserve which covers 650 hectares at sea, there are more than 1200 animal species and about 500 plant species that have been identified.



  • Underwater trail
  • Coastal path
  • Summer exhibitions and animations




  • Restrooms
  • Supervised swimming zone in the summer
  • 2 floating wheelchairs

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